Besides the retail of beautiful pre-made outfits a variety of accessories and African print fabric and lace, AnesuKolours services extend to the provision of in-house styling and design advice.

Come to us whatever your shape or size, our expert dressmakers will make a garment especially for you with our made-to-measure dressmaking service. Having bespoke made clothes will ensure the fit is perfect for your shape and size, and you end up with a unique garment made to fit your shape, style and personality. Considering the excellent quality of their work, all are dressmakers are remarkably affordable and their services are employed and appreciated by approximately 98.9% of AnesuKolours regular clientèle.

Below are some examples of what our dressmakers can make:

Shirts and Blouses

Traditional and African Bridal Tailoring

Fully Embroidered Men’s Suits

Iro and Buba



If there is something not listed please feel free to contact us and see if we can help or alternatively complete the online contact form and we will get back to you.

Otherwise choose from our selection of ready-made clothing and accessories at our Etsy store